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Acoustic Tower
amplifying the quality of life for all of us

an acoustic speaker for cell phones and mini speakers using renewable and recyclable materials such as bamboo and leftover PVC pipes and cardboard tubes

expanding a simple design into a socio-environmental project

to promote recycling and reuse of materials, more income for those who most need, more health for cell phone users, energy efficiency reduction of electricity consumption and consequently increase of the life of cell phones

project to be developed in cooperation, where everyone participates everyone gain more

waste collection:

tubes for making loudspeakers: leftover PVC pipes in civil construction works and sanitation companies, cardboard reel tubes in digital printing companies, fabric stores, among others


 of leftover pieces of vinyl adhesives in digital printing companies and leftover fabrics in clothing

making of the pieces

learning how to manufacture and use equipment and tools


promoting endless creativity are the possibilities of finishing smooth, artistic painting, stencil, using vinyl cutout, embossing, perforation, covering with fabrics, decoupage and etc.


in partner stores, direct sales on the street and tourist places, advisory services for hotels, institutional gifts among others

health and well-being

the acoustic towers amplify the sound and promote a more acoustic and more pleasant sound than the metallic sound of cell phones and mini speakers, as well as allowing the distancing of cell phones, minimizing possible harmful effects resulting from radiation emitted by such equipment

solidarity economy
as a means of valuing and promoting creative solutions

we invite everyone who benefits commercially or institutionally from the proposed solution to kindly reciprocate a fair fraction of the gains obtained

copyright by paulo mac dowell - all rights reserved - todos os direitos reservados

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