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Eyes and others Visions



to recreate guardians expressing in their forms

the essence of being

I find inspiration in mythology


from Horus myth

in which the left eye sees the abstract information

symbolized by the moon

It represents the feminine universe

intuition, feelings and thoughts

with a vocation to perceive spirituality


the right eye of Horus sees the concrete information

controlled by the left side of the brain

more focused to the male


through eyes of Buddhist mythological deities

other views glisten


by Greek mythology of Cyclops

creature with a single round eye in the center of the forehead


the third eye of Shiva

in Vedic tradition

it is disclosed


the invisible eye that sees beyond

which is right there

in the middle of the forehead of each of us


eye illuminates

  by the sacred inner light


                                                                  paulo mac dowell

Olhos de Hórus - 170 x 39 cm

copyright by paulo mac dowell - all rights reserved - todos os direitos reservados

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