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Flying over Asakusa on Shichi Go San

Atualizado: 6 de jun. de 2018

visiting the great


on a beautiful autumn day

on a Celebration Sunday


Shichi Go San

a great blessing

happy surprise

a wonderful opportunity

to feel

the poetry of

Japanese tradition

and the beauty of faith

thousands of people harmonizing

in an atmosphere

full of sacred art and magnificent architecture

between believers and Deities

serenity and smiles

one day

for the enlightment of the soul and pleasure for the body

full of aromas and flavors

offerings and incense

delicacies and delights

of Japanese culinary art

a return to the past

children and women

dressed in their beautiful kimonos

looking forward

full of hope for a beautiful future

healthy growth and longevity

their dreams

colors and brushes



as angels

flying freely

above the pagoda

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