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what is gluten


although more than 90% of food

that you consume do not contain gluten

gluten is present in the diet

of almost all Brazilians

in our daily bread

in the cake

on pizza

in beer


gluten is a protein

present in wheat, barley, rye, oats,

triticale, malt and millet

and in all its derivatives

but can gluten consumption do

any harm to health?

gluten can be harmful

to less than 0.7% of the population

that may develop an allergy to gluten

known as celiac disease

although many people who suffer from this disease

does not have the disease diagnosed

and continues to eat foods with gluten

however there is a federal law

which obliges all industrialized products

to be informed on the packaging

whether or not it contains gluten

even the mineral water label should say that it is


making it appear that gluten is the biggest villain

in our food

as it is the only ingredient that must be specified by law

when in fact it is thanks to gluten

that we can eat cuddly bread

as gluten is a protein responsible

by the growth of fermented flour

giving its softness and good texture

a law created with the justification of protecting

less than 0.7% of the population

that does not fulfill its function

because most of the people who suffer from this disease

do not even know what gluten is

and most foods that contain gluten

are not industrialized

being sold without any warning

for the presence of gluten

I've never seen a roll of bread sold at the bakery

stating that it contains gluten

and more than 72 billion of breads are consumed in Brazil per year

What is the true intent of this

unreasonable law


if the objective was to protect a small part of the population

it should be mandatory to report the presence

in all food in which contains gluten

imagine if this law was extended

to all ingredients

that can do some harm

for any part of the population

the negation warning list would be infinite

it only makes sense to state what it contains

there is no beneficial sense to deny what does not exist

this law hides a captious purpose

to turn gluten into a scapegoat

highlighting the absence of a natural ingredient

which is supposed to do harm

so that we feel like we are

ingesting healthy food

while a quantity of artificial products

which are proven to be bad for our health

are commercialized freely

such as:







and so many others

that serve to deceive us all

in favor of enrichment a few

to the detriment of the nation's health

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