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Nature gives us everything

we shall think with Nature

the caterpillar throughout its existence only eats and works with all technology which has blindly consuming the environment around it at the rate of its growth with a single goal to build its cocoon to end up closing itself within it

it is time for humanity expand they consciousness beyond a caterpillar´s mind through a metamorphosis of awareness

the future of our humanity does not depend on technological or economic issue but is rather a matter of conscience no matter what sources of energy we will use in the future if

fossil or renewable dirty or clean any path will lead to a dead end unless we change our consumption ratio

through a metamorphosis of our consciousness to a symbiotic relationship with the Nature

as a butterfly leaving from the cocoon to fly gladly for love feasting them on the nectar from flower to flower in gratitude

spreading grace and beauty pollinating the flowers contributing to the cycle of life providing the future of their next generation

I see the age in which every human being can take with one hand everything they need returning on the other hand everything else they can

for supplying energy for the future

rather than giant enterprises

is time to be wiser in great small solutions

suitable for every need and environment

Nature gives us everything

instead of continuing to invest against the environment

we shall think with Nature

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